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Jamaal Bowman's BIG Election Loss Reminds America the Universe Is Mostly Good and Just

AP Photo/Nathan Howard

Too often, it seems the Universe is very bad to good people and it can be disheartening. Only ever so often, does it seem 'karma' catches up to the truly awful. Last night, we had one of those rare opportunities when Jamaal Bowman lost his bid for reelection to Congress. What a beautiful sight it was.

The cherry on top was AOC making a fool of herself trying to help him. 

Bowman was plenty mad last night at his opposite of a victory party. He continued to yell and flail his arms around as he does.

At least, he was honest and thanked his real supporters, people in Dearborn and San Francisco. Bowman is truly a reprehensible person. Time after time, he has proven himself unworthy of holding political office in the finest country in the world. Thankfully, New York took out the trash last night and he will now have to go work at a liberal think tank and appear on MSNBC to extract any sort of relevance.

Today is a day to revel in his loss. It's a day to celebrate a time when a bad thing happened to a bad person and it was good for the whole of society. The public does not get chances like this often enough. The memes and the videos are just 'chef's kiss'. 

It's also a reminder that at the end of the day, all that matters is who votes. The people who get up and actually go to the polls are the voices that count. The rest is just noise. It might help a candidate raise money, but if it does not translate into votes, it was like clanging cymbals.

Poor Jamaal. Let's all hope he doesn't allow the door to hit him on the way out. Good riddance to bad rubbish and a hearty 'thank you' to the citizens of his district for giving us all a reason to rejoice.



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