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Whoa! Kooky Man Body Slams Orca With Baby and Miraculously Lives to Tell the Story and Pay the Fine

Brian Gisborne/Fisheries and Oceans Canada via AP, file

Some free advice is never mess with any animal when it is with its baby. That is particularly true when discussing an animal called a 'killer whale'. One man took his life into his own hands and decided to 'body slam' a killer whale or an orca, with its baby. He is lucky to live and tell the story and only be responsible for a $600 fine.


Never do this if you enjoy living.

The only response acceptable.

Absolutely don't do that.

This man is lucky he lived to tell the story.


Don't test that theory if you value your life.

Truly it's not worth it to do this stuff for clout.

In this case, the strongest LET him survive.

He might not get away with it next time.


It's like feeding alligators. It makes them lose fear and ultimately leads to their demise.

Moral of the story: treat all living things with respect and have a healthy fear of large animals and life will likely go better for you.


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