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Hilarious! Awesome roofer goes viral after revealing how he punishes Leftist customers

Anchorman meme

Well, some might not like what he has to say, but there is no arguing with his logic. A roofer took to 'Tik Tok' to explain his pricing structure. He explained his 'liberal tax' for customers who appear to be Leftists because 'they like paying taxes'. Furthermore, he said he did not care if the video went viral because people have no choice to hire workers like him because society has made people lazy.


Blue collar skilled workmen can write their own ticket to success these days. They are so desperately needed and there are so few willing to do the work.


There were definitely stories of workmen who left jobs in some homes because the homeowner demanded they wear a mask during COVID.

Well, until you need a new roof and then you'll be paying his liberal tax. Heh.

Those boycotts only work if there is a huge supply and not much demand. In this man's case, it's impossible to get on a schedule for a roof for the next six months, so he knows he will stay busy no matter who he offends. When you are talented, you can be opinionated. When you are only mediocre, you have to keep your opinions to yourself or you will lose your paycheck. Colin Kaepernick found that out the hard way.


It sounds like this man is doing exactly that. He wants liberals to stop using taxpayers as their personal pocketbooks. When they do, he will stop charging his liberal tax. It sounds very fair.

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