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A Florida historian claims Casey DeSantis is racist because of a gator jacket...yes really

This weekend, a Daily Beast writer made a fool of herself labeling Casey DeSantis, the ‘Walmart Melania’. Not to be outdone, Florida historian and author, Marvin Dunn, deemed Casey DeSantis a “racist” for a much talked about jacket she wore in Iowa. Let’s take a look at Mr. Dunn’s tweet:


Obviously, imagery of Black babies being fed to gators is absolutely egregious and intolerable. That is clear. Casey’s jacket only shows a gator, however, and that is a huge part of Florida’s imagery. A major University in Florida uses a gator as their mascot, for goodness sake. This feels like quite a stretch.

Dunn then wondered aloud why Casey would wear the jacket in 85 degree weather. The very logical answer is it was a motorcycle event and many participants were wearing leather. Twitter was hardly convinced.


Apparently, we all need to throw away our Izod items right away. Snicker.

It just so happens there are many gators in Florida, so it is on materials representing Florida. quite often It seems strange this is so confusing to Dunn.

Dunn is reaching so hard he needs to be careful to not fall over. To attribute a fun jacket and a DeSantis slogan, to the killing of Black babies, is outrageous.


If Dunn does not fall over from reaching, he might fall off his stool grasping at straws.

Maybe that is the problem. Perhaps, Dunn needs to see an eye doctor for a vision check. Florida sun can be terrible on your eyes.

Thankfully, Twitter called Dunn out for being a clown and totally wrecked his silly argument.


Pretty sure this conclusion comes directly from the voices in his head.

In this story, we reached, stretched, and grasped at straws, so it only seems fitting to end with some mental gymnastics. Take a nap. You deserve it after the trip this story has been.

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