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The FBI refuses to release Biden's Delaware visitor logs and Twitter has theories

The FBI has responded to an FOIA request for the visitor logs of President Biden’s Delaware beach house. The answer seems to be two pronged. To begin with, they claim visitor logs to a President’s private residence are not subject to FOIA. Secondly, they claim the logs may no longer exist or even if they do, they may have been lost. Shocking exactly no one, the FBI describes records from the Biden home to be disorganized.


Twitter users seemed less than shocked at the FBI’s reluctance to release the requested information.

Americans pay for Joe’s ice cream. Surely, we are entitled to know who visited the beach house.

Author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, reacted to the FBI refusal to release the visitor logs by asking if our country could endure four more years of games and drew quite the response.


Watching Biden conduct himself on a day to day basis makes this a very fair question.


Other tweeps suggested Congress has allowed agencies and organizations to operate however they wish and it was time they started demanding the FBI answer questions.

Those with a D after their name do seem to live by a different set of rules then those politicians elected by Republicans.

Much like when Biden hid in his basement during the 2020 campaign, he now is hiding who visits him in Delaware. One thing is for sure. It definitely is not Hunter’s daughter he and Jill refuse to acknowledge. She has never had the opportunity to visit her family, at the beach or otherwise. It’s a shame.


One would think this is true, but then why is the FBI refusing to turn the list over? Is it possible there are people on the list they don’t want the American public to know about? Surely not, so they should release the records and prove it.

Isn’t it interesting the FBI can always find out who was where when they really want to know?

Oh, there is an interesting idea! Surely, some of Biden’s Delaware neighbors have Ring cameras or security systems and they can help out with footage of the comings and goings. Americans are always so creative.


If that is indeed their mission, it seems they would want to get organized and keep logs of who is visiting said POTUS at all times. The whole things stinks to high heaven and hopefully, Congress does not give up demanding all the evidence.

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