The Obama campaign established its “Truth Team” in February to “help debunk attacks on the president’s record and hit back at his Republican rivals.” This was to be accomplished primarily by encouraging people to report anything they may have seen or heard – including rumors – that may be unfavorable to the president.

However, the organization’s relationship with actual truth has been predictably rocky since its inception. Today proved to be no different, as the “Truth Team” approvingly tweeted a false ThinkProgress report about a Mitt Romney statement on health care.

Of course, as the video shows, Romney said nothing of the sort; instead, his entire quote was about the importance of ensuring that people with pre-existing conditions remain covered by health insurance.

Folks were clearly paying more attention than the “Truth Team” was expecting, and were quick to call out the Obama campaign on its blatant falsehood:

There was also a reminder about the alternative to Romney’s actual health care proposals:

Yes, it’s true: when Obamacare is the alternative, almost anything can look good.

When it comes to the “Truth Team’s” relationship with its namesake, though, things look particularly ugly, as the pushback against the Obama campaign’s latest dishonest claim demonstrated.