Jose Canseco has spent the entire month of March making a bid for our favorite celebrity tweeter. First, there was this tirade after he got caught doping in the Mexican League. Then, he melted down over, well, nothing much so far as we could see, though he did use this particular rant to build buzz for a grand announcement wherein he revealed the solution to global warming. Friday, he reached out to the winners of the Mega Millions lottery to offer his services as a financial consultant.

Today, he took on a new role: Philosopher King. And Twitter was right there to help. Some folks went for the straightforward answer.!/folding/status/186533781560233984!/Nati2de/status/186533564643409920!/IMAO_/status/186533550374400002!/nobodyman3/status/186533548348542976!/KeepUpWithJonze/status/186533998837764097!/brendohare/status/186533829371101184

Some sought the answer in another sport.!/warp_factor/status/186533890909941762!/newpageone/status/186534152215076864

Some thought well outside the box. Because, hey, when Jose Canseco starts getting motivational, who knows where it could go?!/NathanWurtzel/status/186533851215044609

This young lady went for the adorable approach.!/JaneCang/status/186536038439731200

And this guy invoked the Chuck Norris rule.!/mynamesconor/status/186533665134739457

But this tweet…well, this one just can’t stand!!/ChaseEmDown/status/186535712487772160

Jose, don’t you dare listen! Keep tweeting! Tweet twice as much! And thank you for livening up a slow Sunday afternoon.