If you’ve spent any time at all on Twitter (and of course you have, else why are you on Twitchy?) you have experienced the dreaded “unfollow bug” which causes your account to drop one or more of your followers. You probably got the first notification by plaintive “Why did you unfollow me?” message and, if you didn’t move quick enough to re-follow, the message might have gone from plaintive to…insistent.

Folks take their Twitter follows seriously.

Today, Twitter acknowledged that there really is a bug. You weren’t imagining it and you didn’t accidentally click the “unfollow” button. There is a problem that’s not merely visual as Twitter reportedly claimed earlier this year and the service is working on a fix.

Around Twitter, the reaction from users who have been vexed by the bug for quite a while tended toward “A-HA!”


Of course, not everyone saw the bug as a wholly bad thing. One user wanted Twitter to send it over to Facebook.

We will, of course, give you more information on Twitter’s bug hunt as  it becomes available. In the meantime, why not make sure you’re following us @TwitchyTeam?