Sometimes the NFL free agent season is more fun than the games themselves! The San Francisco 49ers lost to the New York Giants in last year’s NFC Championship game, so this year they went out and signed a couple key players from that Giants team — Jacobs reportedly today and WR Mario Manningham earlier. Niners Nation has exploded with glee, but more on that in a moment.

Here’s what you need to know about Jacobs if you don’t follow the whole league. He’s the biggest tailback in the NFL — over 260 pounds — with pretty good speed for his size. The 49ers already have Frank Gore, who is one of the best “straight ahead” runners in the game. With Jacobs, they get another big, punishing RB who can grind down defenses all game long.

Reactions from 49ers fans mostly revolve around the words “HELLZ”, “YEAH”, and “Super Bowl”.!/LottieTaughtHer/status/185024364947836928!/MrCarter650/status/185033725388664832!/MattSupafly/status/185033907354345473!/jamiemiller74/status/185026232474288128!/jp071185/status/185033707416064002!/latoyasv/status/185031015427878912!/Chewmonsta/status/185030639211384832!/YMMark/status/185031347553832960

Jacobs has even become part of a new nickname for the running back corps.!/adelmann91/status/185031382274293760!/mattbarrows/status/185031418781503489