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Ugly 2000 pound sculpture 'raises awareness' of gun violence and stuff [pics]

Nothing raises awareness like 2000 pounds of ugly art unveiled before virtually no one.


The sculpture was created from “illegal” guns obtained from a voluntary buy back. Jessica Mindich founder of “Raise the Caliber” organized the gun buy back to provide the material for artist Michael Kalish.

According to Mindich said she worried that the project would “scar” Kalish “with the angry energy and the pain coming from this metal,” which is precisely the sort of thing you would expect to hear from somebody who thinks problems are solved by planting a one ton eyesore in a public park.

It looks like two white men shaking hands in front of prison bars but it’s really a moving tribute to victims of gun violence. or something.

Naturally liberal politicians were on this photo op like white on rice.

Had anyone shown up to watch this spectacle, they probably would have questioned the poor planning that led to “veiling” the piece with a white sheet with the sun directly behind it.


A movement that probably rode to the event in the same vehicle.


The children of Connecticut will look upon this and say, “What a waste of a good swing set.”

Maybe we need a sculpture to explain that to them.

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