In order to support the President’s executive actions on immigration, the White House put some big numbers on a map. There is a different big number for each state. There appears to be no accompanying analysis showing how they arrived at the big numbers, but that should not concern you because the numbers are in fact big.

Well, the people of Illinois should be convinced. That map says their GDP will increase by $3.8 billion. It’s on the internet so it must be true. Plus it’s in infographic form, which makes things even truthier.

There is no chance whatsoever that these predictions might go the way of “if you like your plan you can keep your plan” or “the average family will save $2500 per year on health insurance.” That just couldn’t happen. Trust them.

But if you’re a skeptic and not convinced by unsupported numbers tweeted by White House juice boxers or congressmen you’ve probably never heard of, here’s a pretty graphic with three entire bullet points. If you follow the link below the bullet points you get taken to a page with some additional graphics.  They are conveniently uncluttered by actual information and all set for you to share on Facebook, Twitter or your “OMG I <3 OBAMA” board on Pinterest.

There’s also a link to a blog post by a former ThinkProgress blogger and new media director for Nancy Pelosi where you can see the map with the numbers and the graphic with the bullet points in a slightly different aspect ratio. The evidence is really mounting.

Ok, if you’re still not convinced. Here are the same bullet points from ANOTHER White House employee.

And another Democrat congressman you probably haven’t heard of even though he’s probably way awesome.

You still need more convincing?

How about yet another White House employee and a guy who must be reliable because his name has one of those little accent marks over a vowel.

Connect the dots, people.

If all these people agree how could it not be true? The claims have obviously been peer reviewed!

Racist, anti-science tea-baggers, the lot of you!