They really think people are dumb.

Remember when ABC coincidentally launched a series with Geena Davis as the first female President shortly before the 2008 Democratic primaries? Funny how this stuff happens, isn’t it? Then there was that NBC miniseries about Hillary in which Diane Lane was going to play the carpetbagging former first lady. CNN had a documentary planned about Hillary until nobody wanted to sit for interviews about her. (We’re not sure why. It’s not like she’s vindictive or anything. She had no idea how all those FBI files ended up in her house.)

Of course you don’t—not officially anyway. That would be illegal.

What? How’d that story get in there?

TV Guide gives a rundown on the plots of the first few episodes:

The pilot episode involves young American hostages held in Syria, the second episode deals with a fiery attack on the U.S. Embassy in Yemen, and the third deals with an Edward Snowden-inspired whistle-blower/hacker causing havoc throughout the State Department. (emphasis added)

All those voters who thought Sarah Palin said things that only Tina Fey said while mocking her will end up thinking Hillary did a bang-up job at State.

There have been a few female Secretaries of State but it only became a great idea for a series when Hillary’s record badly needs some polishing? Pull the other one.

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