During the Emmy Awards, a comedy sketch featuring the voluptuous Sofia Vergara standing on a rotating pedestal while the CEO of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences spoke about diversity led to much pearl clutching. The bit wasn’t exactly hilarious, but the outrage was pretty entertaining.

The segment was especially traumatic to Huffington Post writer Charles Clymer.

We hope he’s okay.

ThinkProgress required an extended exegesis of the comedy sketch from one of their followers. (You can usually tell how far left a progressive is by measuring how long it takes you to explain a joke to them.)

That about covers it.

Plenty of folks were there to point out the utter hypocrisy of the feminist outrage, coming right on the heels of the much celebrated Beyonce performance at the MTV Music Awards.



Wake up and smell the cognitive dissonance.

What was Vergara’s reaction to the kerfuffle?

She thinks some people need to “lighten up.”

Probably good advice.



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