The Empire State Building in New York City is known for lighting up in various color schemes to celebrate different people or events. When it comes to deciding what they will or will not light up for, the owners of the building really show us their true colors.

From CNS News:

The Empire State Building, which is not run by the city government has decided to help the mayor in his goal and has announced that they willlight the top of the famous skyscraper blue on Tuesday night, in order to convince the DNC to come to town.  This despite the building’s own policy of not lighting the tower in support of “political figures and campaigns”:

“The Empire State Building also does not light for political figures and campaigns, for personal events such as birthdays, anniversaries or weddings, or for commercial events such as product launches.”

A suspicion based on a very sketchy hypothetical.

He’s probably happy about it too since the Democrats booed him at their last convention.