Marlon Wayans made himself the target of some anger yesterday with a post he made on Instagram.

The full text of Wayans’ instagram comment:

“Man I got the most UNRHYTHMIC WHITE WOMAN dancing next to me at the jay and bay concert… This bitch dancing to AC/DC”

The post caused a stir because the “white woman” in question is Delta Goodrem who happens to be a big pop star in Australia. She was recently a judge on the down under version of the talent competition show “The Voice.”



Who exactly is the one being overly sensitive here?

One has to wonder how that little speech would fly in today’s apology obsessed American culture if the racial roles were reversed. We’re guessing a white comedian in a similar spot would be well on his way to never getting any serious work again.

As always, what really angers people about things like this is not the offensive nature of the comment itself but the double standard applied after the fact. Marlon Wayans can say anything he likes and nobody should care whether he apologizes or not. But that standard should apply to everyone.  An equivalent incident would likely end a white comedian’s career.

So sorry, Marlon, you don’t get to play the badass rebel by being unapologetic when you’re hiding behind the skirts of political correctness.

Get over yourself.