A confidential campaign plan document from the Michelle Nunn campaign for U.S. Senate has leaked online.

National Review Online’s Eliana Johnson reports:

Her strategists are optimistic that the media won’t prove much of an obstacle. They write that at some point her opponent, who at the time the document was written had yet to be determined, will be “shoveling research” against her. But they say they anticipate they will often have “fair warning” about negative news stories and can work to “kill or muddy” them.

“I would love to know what kind of already-formed relationships they have in Atlanta and even in the national media that they’re planning on using as sources and conduits of information,” Swint says. “It’s certainly interesting to see it in writing like that.”

Jay Bookman at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution immediately attempted to kill or muddy this negative news story about the Nunn campaign using friends in the media to kill or muddy negative news stories.

Not a smidgen of scandal, because Nunn is a Democrat after all.

The document also suggests the Points of Light foundation had financially supported Hamas during Nunn’s tenure as CEO.


So what you have is a “reporter” giving a politician the benefit of the doubt on everything. That’s his job, right?

It doesn’t appear so.