Governor Martin O’Malley and Maryland’s other Democrats are adept at creating jobs … in other states.

They farmed out the state Obamacare exchange to Connecticut after spending $125 million on  an unsalvageable web site. Maryland’s high taxes are chasing a steady stream of small businesses and government contractors across the river to Virginia.

Now Tennessee is getting 300 or so manufacturing jobs as gun maker Beretta is moving its whole operation out of Maryland thanks to O’Malley’s irrational gun restrictions. (85 gun homicides in Baltimore so far this year. Not one would have been prevented by O’Malley’s restrictions on law abiding gun owners. But hey, it’s about the 2016 primary, not what actually works.)

O’Malley’s only principle is doing whatever’s good for O’Malley. Losing 300 jobs is a small price to pay for a bullet point on his presidential resume that satisfies the anti-gun left.

It certainly does.  Naturally in a state that foolishly elects a single corrupt party to rule over them, there are some who openly celebrate failure.

Well which is it, genius?

Actually, you’re a fool if you sacrifice jobs in order to implement bad gun laws.

^^He didn’t lose his job, so it’s ok.

Let’s just hope O’Malley doesn’t get the job he’s gunning for.



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