This was retweeted more than 12,000 times but does this picture really depict what Zaid Ali says it does?

Indeed. Sounds like some crackpot tinfoil hat stuff to us—or more likely an intentional lie, which is unconscionable.

This is the caption of the photo from the supplied link (translated from Hebrew into English via Google):

Corporal planted Elbaz (20) Jerusalem is a trauma instructor at Training 10 Zrifin. Netta Instructor medics, doctors and soldiers from various units in trauma – any injury caused by, bruises and falls. In addition, she utilizes her skills to decorate makeup previous simulation dolls and even soldiers wounds dummy during drills and tests. “I love my department,” she says, “There is a family atmosphere.”

The image shows up on a Vietnamese news site as well, as part of a photo spread of female Israeli soldiers. The caption indicates the photo is of “practice” in an ambulance.

Makeup special effects are often used to simulate casualties for training personnel to deal with various trauma scenarios. There is little reason to think the picture in question is anything but that.

If the picture was really to fake a TV news story then show us the TV news story in which the fake injuries appeared.


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