He’s sort of like Larry Flynt, but without the charm and good looks. A Daily Kos diarist speculated that he might be the next Alan Grayson (as if that were a good thing).


Attention whore, embarrassment to his family, and alleged congressional candidate Mike Dickinson had been covered by Twitchy for his outrageous over-the-top attacks on Fox News and tea party supporters in the past. Then it became really obvious that he was just desperate for our attention. Also the schtick got really boring and a lot of people thought he was just a parody account. (Jury’s still out on that one.)

His latest act of douchebaggery is offering $100,000 to any of his followers who can provide nude pictures or sex tapes of Texas Tech cheerleader and hunter Kendall Jones. He has even tweeted at the Texas Tech student newspaper about placing an ad with the same offer. The story has been reported in The Examiner and other online outlets already.

Mike obviously has issues with women. We won’t speculate on what sort of painful rejection that stems from, but he’s obviously jealous of the attention Twitchy has paid to beautiful conservative mom Holly Fisher because what other outlets haven’t reported is that he has gone after her with a similar attempted “revenge porn” crime.

He still claims that he’ll be on the ballot but he won’t be running as a Democrat. Even they wouldn’t have him.

Remember, Mike is a progressive liberal. He’s for the “little guy.”

We’d call this a “war on women” if not for the high probability that Holly could kick this guy’s ass.

And we’re sure he’d love to meet Mike sometime. The feeling probably isn’t mutual.

So you can really get a feel for what a pathetic asshat Mike is, we chronicled his tweets about Kendall Jones.

We thought it would be good to make a record of them—Twitchy is forever—in case they ever become of interest to members of the law enforcement community.


What say you, Twitchy readers? Is this guy really worthy of our attention?


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