Left wingers are absolutely giddy because Asa Hutchinson—a GOP gubernatorial candidate who supports voter ID laws— forgot his ID when he went to the polls to vote on Monday. Hutchinson was mildly inconvenienced (due to his own negligence) but was still able to vote after retrieving his ID. The event probably resides on the disaster scale somewhere between not having change for the parking meter and forgetting to pick up milk on your way home. But it’s totally HILARIOUS and ironic and stuff.

RIGHT? It’s hysterical.

How sweet it is.

L…O…L, indeed, friend.

But wait. If you think about it this sort of shows that the law applies to everybody and not just minorities like the Democrats have tried to tell everyone.

And it didn’t prevent Hutchinson from voting. He even won the primary. But he did have a staffer he could send to pick up his ID for him. What about people who might have to go get their own ID?

Maybe the irony is in lefties celebrating that voter ID laws aren’t what they say they are.


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