As some of you may know, yesterday was “Star Wars Day.” May the fourth be with you. Get it?

Science fiction author John Scalzi, perhaps best known for his “Old Man’s War” series, took the occasion to troll Star Wars fans, comparing those who don’t recognize the awfulness of the three prequel movies to the folks who refuse to vaccinate their children.

“Kingkiller Chronicles” author Pat Rothfuss joined the fun.

It’s not an official nerd party until one of us gripes about “Firefly” being cancelled. Even Ensign Wesley Crusher (a.k.a. Wil Wheaton) knows that.

Scalzi wasn’t finished:


Then Scalzi “went there” and brought up the Star Wars Holiday Special.

Yes, this special actually happened and featured Bea Arthur, Art Carney, Harvey Korman and members of the original “Star Wars” Cast.

Oh! That was today? How embarrassing!

Promises, promises.