Earlier today, sportscaster/model/television host Leeann Tweeden weighed in on suspended NBC News anchor Brian Williams. In a Facebook post, she said she doesn’t buy Williams’ story “in any way, shape, or form” and refuses to accept his “half-assed apology.” Tweeden, who has visited troops in war zones numerous times since 9/11, ripped Williams for thinking he could get away with his lies. An excerpt from her post:

Let me start by saying this … I have always liked Brian Williams. I met him once at the Reagan Library when he helped host a gala for Medal of Honor recipients. I always felt like he had our troops’ backs. I liked that he always featured stories on those returning home but would also run interesting stories on how the military creates and produces the MRE’s our men and women eat in the field. I was a big fan.

Today, all of that is out the window. I was disappointed that he could mix up a story, that of course, made for ‘better TV’. Then stories started coming out from the troops who were flying him and his NBC news crew around Iraq at the time and they contradicted almost everything that he had reported.

I feel like I can comment on this issue because I’ve been in a war zone 14 times since 9/11 myself. There are a lot of things I’ve forgotten over the years, like the names of some of the little FOB’s we visited, or which border of Afghanistan we were close to. The one thing that I will NEVER forget are the events that happened to me on those visits.

Her full post, which is well worth reading, is here.


Leeann Tweeden is lacing up her boots for the troops!