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On Saturday, someone posting a comment at the liberal blog Crooks & Liars under the pseudonym “Prof B in LA” accused Fox News contributor Michelle Fields of going “full retard” on Fox News. Fields says the person responsible is her former Pepperdine University professor, Russell Burgos. Burgos denies it. Pepperdine has been investigating the matter.

This is what Burgos’ “Meet the Faculty” page looked like yesterday:


And this is what it looks like now:


The text, in case the font is too small to read, says “This faculty member is currently not teaching.”

We’ve reached out to Burgos and Andrew Benton, Pepperdine’s president, for comment.


Pepperdine removes Russell Burgos from its faculty/staff page


Pepperdine’s president, Andrew Benton, says there is no longer an ongoing investigation into Burgos’ online activities. “We know all we need to know,” he told The Graphic.


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