Today, Think Progress is tweeting out a link to its best post of the week, entitled “Iran Is More Progressive Than The GOP On Birth Control.”

Quite a few liberals thought that was stellar journalism:

But let’s take a look at the “update” that has been added to the post:

After providing these robust family planning services for two decades, the Iranian government suddenly and unexpectedly reversed course in July of 2012, announcing that it would no longer fund the highly popular programs.


Of course, Think Progress couldn’t be bothered to use the word “correction” (apparently liberals don’t do that) or change its deceptive headline. Instead, it tweeted the article out again with its #bestoftheweek hashtag.

Even one of its liberal readers was a little uneasy:

Sooo, given the update, if the headline is not accurate, maybe it should be changed? We don’t want Conservatives claiming Progressives or, in My case, proud Liberals use false headlines. We are better than that, no matter what Others say and/or do.