Erstwhile Yahoo bureau chief David Chalian got himself spectacularly canned today after being caught shamefully accusing Mitt and Ann Romney of being “happy to have a party while black people drown.” Common sense dictates that Chalian be held up as a pathetic excuse for a journalist. Apparently, PBS’s Gwen Ifill is running severely short on common sense. Shortly after the news of Chalian’s firing broke, Ifill coughed up a treacly Twitter hairball and expressed her support for “God’s gift to political journalism.”

Twitterers were rightfully mystified — and disgusted:

As a matter of fact, yes:

Excuse us while we vomit all over ourselves.

Ifill’s ridiculous #IStandWithDavid hashtag was ripe for mockage, and conservatives didn’t disappoint:


Don’t worry, Gwen and Friends. If you should find yourselves in the unemployment line, where you belong for your blatant hackery and dishonesty, Twitter conservatives are always more than willing to lend a hand with helpful job suggestions.

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