Lizz Winstead is a comedienne and political satirist who is best known for co-creating The Daily Show. We are aware that she’s politically liberal, but there are times to set aside politics and appreciate good tweeting.  Besides, even liberals have property rights.

We hope LAX security is able to recover the purloined iPad and return it to Winstead.

Update:  Turns out the missing  iPad isn’t at LAX after all.  It is at an airport in Orlando, Fla. We gather Winstead left her iPad on a plane and is angry because Delta Airlines failed to locate it. Now someone — Winstead doesn’t know who — is walking around Orlando Airport with her iPad.

Is it possible that someone removed the iPad from the plane before Delta searched for it? Nope:

If we left an iPad on a plane, we would pretty much write it off.  But we hope Winstead is able to get hers back.

Update: She’s getting it back!