State Treasurer and Tea Party favorite Richard Mourdock pulled off a huge victory in the Indiana GOP primary against incumbent Sen. Richard Lugar. Today, he is urging his supporters to donate $801,000 to his campaign. That is the amount that Mourdock’s Democratic opponent, Joe Donnelly, has on hand.

So far, Mourdock has raised $383,425 — nearly half of his goal.

Conservative Twitter activists are rallying to aid Mourdock.!/erickbrockway/status/201505350061527041!/sunnyright/status/201513880483147776!/Frances_D/status/201830149929435136!/karenann915/status/201289264745558016!/dsm012/status/200414825778642944!/JimDeMint/status/200010883731165186!/JakeHForLiberty/status/201529569973501954!/LegInsurrection/status/201499178042531840