WGN Radio has background:

The Reverend Jesse Jackson showed support for the family of a man who died while in North Chicago Police custody last Fall.

He appeared with relatives of Darrin Hanna at a rally Friday, and will join them for a planned “Ten Thousand Man March” Saturday.

North Chicago Police arrested Hanna last November after reports that he was beating his pregnant girlfriend.

Officers who showed up at Hanna’s home claim that he rushed toward them with clenched fists, forcing them to defend themselves by hitting him with batons and a taser.

Hanna died a week later.

At an emotional rally Friday, Jackson showed reporters photos of a bruised and bloodied Hanna, taken just after his arrest.

He compared the images to those of murdered black teenager Emmett Till.

“The criminals who engaged in this activity are still policemen. They still have a badge, and a gun, and authority,” Jackson said.

“We will not let these forces be on the loose, uniforms or not.”

The seven officers involved in Hanna’s arrest have been re-assigned to desk duty while local authorities investigate.

The U.S. Department of Justice confirmed Friday that it is conducting a preliminary inquiry into the case, which will determine whether there is a need for a formal investigation.

The Chicago Tribune has more details, including this:

Hanna died from multiple causes, according to the Lake County coroner’s autopsy, which blamed chronic cocaine use and sickle cell disease along with police restraint and trauma.