Rage-fiends are wishing death on Metallica frontman James Hetfield and his family, and this time it doesn’t have anything to do with Napster or “St. Anger.”

Hetfield was tapped to narrate “The Hunt,” the History Channel’s new eight-part series on Kodiak brown bear hunting. In addition to a campaign to boot Metallica from the Glastonbury music festival for Hetfield’s “support of big game hunting,” some geniuses say he deserves to be shot or ripped to pieces.




You know what that person needs? Encouragement from an animal rights group.

This photo is making its way around social media.


Only, that’s not James Hetfield on the right. It’s conservative author Doug Giles, according to the caption at his site, ClashDaily.com. There’s another photo at GameTrails.org. But try telling that to passengers aboard the latest trendy outrage-wagon:





End of debate. OK then.

Editor’s note: Surprise! @DarrellTaylor66 deleted his tweets containing the wrong photo. We have updated this post to include a copy of the photo below one of his tweets.