As Twitchy reported, it wasn’t easy being the face of the most hated website in America. The model who appeared on the splash page is thrilled that her photo has been removed and says she endured weeks of “cyberbullying.” ABC tracked down the married mother, known only as “Adriana,” and revealed more about her in an exclusive report today.

That’s right. Millions upon millions spent on the craptastic Obamacare website and not a dime went to the woman who never expected her face to become synonymous with utter failure.

ABC reports that she approached a contact at the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services and negotiated “free family photographs” in exchange for becoming the face of 404care. Ouch!

Adriana is reportedly a legal permanent resident who hopes to become a citizen. And evidently, she isn’t particularly interested in Obamacare even though ABC reports that she’s eligible.

ABC’s report also includes snort-worthy quotes from Health and Human Services officials.