The police department in Gainesville, Florida, launched a colorful social media campaign about alcohol-related sexual assault, warning guys, “Don’t be a D-Bag.”

The Gainesville P.D.’s provocative tweets got Twitter buzzing about the videos that ask men and women to “step in and make a difference” if they spot a guy trying to take advantage of a drunk woman at a party.

But critics charge that the “Step In” campaign stepped in it with this tweet.

Some took that tweet to mean the department was endorsing prison rape, rather than warning would-be rapists that jail ain’t fun.

The Gainesville Police Department defended the tweet and engaged critics on social media in a way that few law enforcement agencies do.

Surprise! The “pretty please with a cherry on top” message just isn’t all that effective with predators.

The department has also earned kudos for the campaign.

Despite criticism, the G.P.D. plans to keep on keepin’ on.


Praise for the department’s campaign continues to come in: