On Friday, the Washington Post published a morally bankrupt, stomach-turning puddle of click-bait calling for an end to the “fantasy that a high school student can’t consent to sex” with her teacher. See, writer Betsy Karasik was once a 14-year-old girl who knew other teens having “sexual relations with teachers.” And while “some feelings probably got bruised, no one I knew was horribly damaged and certainly no one died,” she insisted.

Anyway, you know who the real victim is here? Betsy Karasik, natch.

Isn’t she brave for wading into the “shit storm,” faux victimhood on full display?

Oh, we read the whole revolting thing. Should we have picked up on more nuance in an op-ed lobbying for decriminalization of child rape? Was the takeaway supposed to be something other than the normalization of sexual abuse?

Karasik will, of course, say that we’re distorting her words. Reminder: Those words appeared in a piece titled “Sex between students and teachers should not be a crime.” She now claims that title “skews the piece” — a piece that argues “consensual sexual activity between teachers and students should not be criminalized.”

Really? It’s not, say, her broken moral compass that “skews the piece”? Karasik cites the example of a 54-year-old male convicted of “sexual intercourse without consent” with a female student. She was 14 years old at the time of the rape and later took her own life.

But hey, let’s let Betsy unskew:

Oh, sure. Asking if there’s a better way to deal with predators than punishing them for child-rape is a much less vile approach.

WaPo has since changed the title to “The unintended consequences of laws addressing sex between teachers and students.” Presumably that’s a Betsy-approved headline.

More hole-digging clarification from Karasik:

She’s against “rape,” just, y’know, not if you go by the definition shared by everyone with a smidgen of decency.

She also retweeted this:

A 14-year-old girl can “consent” to sex with a man more than three times her age? The pedophile/sex offender lobby thanks you for your service, Betsy.

Her playing of the victim card isn’t surprising considering where she sits politically.

Oh. Hell. No.

Forgive us if we don’t give this gutter-dwelling lefty rape apologist the time of day when she wants to screech about a War on Women waged by Mitt Romney and the GOP. Feminists, she’s all yours.

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