“Esteemed Latina,” No Labels devotee and basher of conservative minorities Eva Longoria showed up in New Jersey on Monday to get out the vote for Dem Senate candidate Cory Booker.

Classy choice, Mayor Booker! Did she double down on the prison-rape analogies about GOP candidates?

Longoria’s robocalls for Obama didn’t go over well with some voters, but never mind that; Booker wasn’t about to let a celeb pal go to waste. Low-information supporters swooned over phone calls from the low-information actress.





Longoria also tweeted pics from her stint on the stump.

If elected, what can Senator Booker do for you?

One Booker supporter suggested Eva for vice president.

Funny, we thought this was a Senate primary. But hey, as long as we’re pimping Longoria for VP, any word on a slot for Justin Bieber’s manager?

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