The Pet Shop Boys are scheduled to perform in Tel Aviv on June 23, and — surprise! — the “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions” crowd has its knickers twisted into bunches. British Islamic/anti-Zionist group Innovative Minds went after the musicians, demanding that they “stand with the oppressed Palestinians” by refusing to perform in “apartheid Israel.”

No dice this time, BDS bullies.

Pet Shop Boys singer Neil Tennant wasn’t about to bow to the Palestinian propaganda:

I don’t agree with this comparison of Israel to apartheid-era South Africa. It’s a caricature. Israel has (in my opinion) some crude and cruel policies based on defence; it also has universal suffrage and equality of rights for all its citizens both Jewish and Arab. In apartheid-era South Africa, artists could only play to segregated audiences; in Israel anyone who buys a ticket can attend a concert.

Not a perfect statement, but a world apart from pro-BDS artists like Elvis Costello.

Meanwhile, the anti-Israel propaganda continues: