Oh, dear. Think we’ve seen the BuzzFeeding of American politics? Even the White House is attempting to govern by meme. But the Mexican city of Xalapa has taken cat-meme obsession to new extremes with the mayoral campaign for “el candigato Morris.”

Morris the cat’s slogan is “Tired of voting for rats? Then vote for a cat.”

The Facebook page for the “Candigato” (gato means cat in Spanish) now has more than 130,000 “likes” – far more than those accrued by any of the candidates registered to stand in the Jalapa election to be held on 7 July, at the same time as local polls in about half the country. It tops those of Veracruz’s governor as well.

Whether Morris’ campaign is the result of political disenchantment or “an effort by the incumbent Institutional Revolutionary party to draw votes away from genuine alternative electoral options” is not clear. But supporters of the write-in candidate say, “Yes we cat!”

Morris is not alone in his quest for office. Reuters reports, “disillusioned citizens across Mexico nominated a donkey and even a chicken for political offices in the July 7 election.” Tintan the Dog is reportedly running in Oaxaca City.