@BarackObama is the totally nonpartisan Twitter account for Organizing for Action. It just happens to bear President Obama’s name and image, but remember, the organization is completely “non-political” when it offers seminars on “campaign issue management.”

Nothing to see here. Move along.

OFA is welcoming new “fellows” today with a series of icebreakers, training sessions and other cult initiations … like speed dating:

#OFAfellows in @ofa_illinois #Speeddating @OFA

Heh. Julia wouldn’t say much. She has no mouth — just how the Dems like their womenfolk.

Blogger @SooperMexican offers a hilarious play-by-play of what the #OFAfellows are up to.

They’re chowing down on the conservative cootie pies served by Papa John’s:

What’s next? A trip to Hobby Lobby?

This OFA fellow is working hard on getting “fired up.” Really, he is.

Things are intense for these OFA fellows.

Others are putting their efforts into breaking the ice:

Progressives of pallor unite!

So what kind of seminars and training sessions are the new initiates enjoying today? Conservatives take their best guesses:

But really, isn’t there just one thing the OFA fellows need to perfect?