When self-described comedian Dane Cook made a joke about the Aurora shooting, actress Stevie Ryan tweeted, “What’s worse than a Dane Cook joke? Dane Cook.” Nothing’s changed since then.

Cook appeared at the Boston Strong concert to benefit victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.

But those who weren’t at the live show quickly noticed that his set was missing from the live video and audio streams of the event.


Some wondered if Cook’s set was too dirty for the live broadcast.

But no. As he later admitted on Twitter, it was all about him.

Cook’s generosity knows no bounds. He’s all for charity … as long as he doesn’t have to let his precious new material (or newly swiped material) “hit the airwaves” before he’s ready.



The Twitter backlash was swift and deservedly brutal.

Boston Herald reporter Jeff Howe contributed to the sound thrashing.

But tell us how you really feel.

A preview of the welcome “Lord Douche” and his “new material” will get next time he wants to put on a show in Boston.

Cook claims he visited Boston for one reason: “The people.”

After Cook’s douche move, the people of Boston just aren’t that into him.