More evidence of the horrifying evil that exists in this world: A living, breathing infant in China was flushed down a toilet like human waste.

But thankfully, this story has a miraculous ending.

After hearing the sound of the baby boy crying, neighbors called firefighters to the scene where they spotted his foot in the sewer pipe. Unable to dislodge the infant, rescue workers cut out a section and brought him to the hospital where medics and firefighters carefully freed him. The placenta was reportedly still attached to the infant.

The baby boy survived the ordeal and is being nursed back to health in the hospital. Actress Patricia Heaton offered a prayer for the precious little boy.

Amen. He’s going to need all the blessings and protection possible.

The nurse added that the mother of the baby has been found and is currently with her child in hospital.

They said: ‘The mother has been found. She is right now in the hospital. I heard she is a 22 year-old single woman. I don’t know the reason she abandoned the baby.

Amazing photos and video:

An incredible rescue, but an infuriating crime.

Sadly, this kind of horror is encouraged by a culture that devalues life and treats children as disposable. Many Twitter users wonder if China’s one-child policy played a role.

Paging Joe Biden: Are you still “not second-guessing” China’s one-child policy because you “fully understand” it?


More from the BBC:

The mother, who has not been named, reportedly told police she unexpectedly gave birth on the toilet and that the baby slipped in to the sewer.

The mother did not think she could afford to look after the baby, so she did not tell anyone that the baby was hers, reports Xinhua. She went to work after he had been rescued and only admitted the baby was hers when confronted by police later.

Police are continuing to investigate whether the incident was an accident or the result of a deliberate act, reports Xinhua.