The White House really, really, really wanted to release a comprehensive Benghazi timeline last October, according to the administration’s stenographers at BuzzFeed. But darnit, that pesky White House Counsel broad got in the way.

The War on Women: It’s coming from inside the White House!

It’s not Obama’s fault, the administration wants you to know. BuzzFeed dutifully reports that the CIA and Obama’s national security team were all about transparency, transparency, transparency. But then along came the White House Counsel’s office, headed up by “Kathryn Ruemmler, Kathryn Ruemmler, Kathryn Ruemmler.”

“It was aggravating,” one administration official said. “It comes back to Kathryn Ruemmler, Kathyrn Ruemmler, Kathryn Ruemmler. I hate to say it, as it sounds like piling on, but it’s on her doorstep too.”

Ruemmler “advised the officials to not release any information to the public out of fear it could be used against them in any subsequent investigations and other legal complications.”

Looks like Obama’s gonna need a bigger bus. This road is getting really bumpy.

So, this is the administration’s strategy for handling the Benghazi scandal?

“Real” reporting on “how Obama got tripped up by his lawyers”:

A preview of what’s next?


So how ’bout this leak?

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