Hardy har har. The Onion is just a barrel of laughs these days, huh?

Was there no 9-year-old girl just begging to be called a c**t? No murdered American hero to turn into LOL-bait? Once again, The Onion goes ghoul. Here’s an excerpt from The Onion’s pitiful attempt to link accused Aurora shooter James Holmes to the NRA:

“The fact is, Mr. Holmes isn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes in. We support James Holmes 100 percent and are excited to see where he decides to lead us going forward.” At press time, Holmes and NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre were spotted laughing with one another and shaking hands during Holmes’ visiting hours.

Is anyone laughing? Michael Moore got a kick of it, natch.

But as JWF points out, “Proper satire requires a kernel of truth to make it somewhat believable. This isn’t even remotely funny.” 

“Funny” and “The Onion” parted ways some time ago.

Some Twitter users note that The Onion’s selection of topics reveals its true left-wing colors yet again. 



As always, it’s telling what The Onion considers “too far,” and what it finds hip and edgy. Some things are just sacred.

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