New Twitter besties in the making?

The White House recently tweeted a “breaking” news alert about its new Tumblr filled with animated GIFs. On Thursday, the White House shared a GIF of President Obama taking off from the White House. It wasn’t a cat GIF, but the White House got a pat on the back from BuzzFeed anyway.

If that GIF doesn’t show up for you, here it is:

BuzzFeed didn’t rate a table at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, but the site scored a consolation prize: a thank-you tweet from the White House.

No, we’re not FKY.



Former President Bill Clinton is also on the hunt for a new Twitter pal.

Warren Buffett joined Twitter on Thursday, announcing that “Warren is in the house.” Sorry, Bubba, as far as we know, Buffett’s secretary is not “in the house.”