Uh oh. Has Sen. Harry Reid been getting gun advice from Uncle Joe Biden?

On Thursday, the Senate voted to move forward with gun control legislation. It’s a good thing Reid studied up on the gun-thingy lingo. Speaking on the Senate floor, he brought up the Aurora shooting. The accused shooter’s rifle was reportedly equipped with a 100-round magazine, but here’s what Reid said:

The events of the last few months has been very tragic. People going to a movie theater to watch a movie and they’re gunned down? And more would have been gunned down but for the fact that the man’s 100-clip magazine jammed.

“100-clip magazine”? How many rounds does that hold? A Redditor imagines a 100-clip magazine might look a little something like this:


Maybe Reid has to pass the bill to find out what the hell he’s talking about. Or he could take the scary step of reading up on firearms to familiarize himself with all the misinformation out there. Maybe there’s a Clip Magazine he could read? Get the man a subscription!


Just for fun, here’s a Reddit thread mocking an anti-gun protester who said no one should be able to walk around with “a hundred clip magazine.” The Freepers have also had some fun at the expense of “100-clip magazine”-grabbers.


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