Matt Drudge is fired up over the mental health measures pushed by Gov. Cuomo and New York lawmakers. “The patients are truly running the asylum!” he tweeted.

This morning on The Drudge Report, the headline “mENTAL hEALTH cHECKS” links to an NBC article on New York’s sweeping new gun control law.

One of the most controversial elements of the bill is the requirement on providers of mental health services.

“People who are mentally ill should not have access to guns, that’s common sense,” Cuomo said, according to Reuters. “That’s probably the hallmark of this bill, coming up with a system that allows for mental-health screens.”

New York’s new law was passed in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. “You can overpower the extremists with intelligence and with reason,” said Cuomo.

But since the shooter didn’t buy or own any guns, how exactly would “mental-health screens” have helped? Where’s the “intelligence and reason” in that? Perhaps the oddly incurious media should ask the patients running the asylum.



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If we’re going to ban stuff, can it please be reminders of Rahm Emanuel’s “naked rage”?

Oh, my. We’ll meet you at the cemetery at midnight, Matt. We’ll bring the black lipstick, you bring the clove cigarettes.


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