Since news broke of this morning’s shooting at Taft Union High School in Taft, Calif., Twitter has been flooded with rumors from Taft students and members of the community. One rumor that persists is that the shooter had a “hit list” last year.

Brian Oliver has been named by several students as the shooting suspect in custody, but that has not been confirmed. (Update: The correct spelling of Oliver’s first name appears to be “Bryan.”)

Authorities have also not confirmed that Bowe Cleveland, the person named in the previous tweet, is indeed one of the shooting victims.

The Kern County Sheriff’s Department confirmed that the suspect was a student, as was one of the victims. Was the suspect’s past behavior not taken seriously enough?

Twitchy will monitor the rumors and provide confirmation when it becomes available.


Some Twitter users are suggesting that the suspect was suspended for the hit list incident.


Some Twitter users are posting this photo. Twitchy cannot confirm that this is the alleged shooter.

Update, January 11th, 6:26 a.m. ET:

KGET is reporting that Bryan Oliver is the name of the suspected shooter.

USA Today is reporting that Bowe Cleveland was the student who was shot.

These reports are consistent with what Twitchy reported early yesterday afternoon.