Uh oh. Sandra Fluke will be, like, totally jealous! Meggie Mac’s got her eye on a new Twitter bestie: Bill Schulz of “Red Eye.”

Like most of us at Twitchy, chances are you’re blocked by Meghan McCain so you might have missed this budding friendship in the wee hours of Saturday morning. But because we’re givers, we captured it all, just for you. Twitchy presents When Meggie Met Billy:

Squee! It’s official! But Kurt Loder doesn’t think it’s such a hot idea.

Well, Michael Ian Black also thinks Piers Morgan is “a boss,” so we’re confident he’s not a great measure of just about anything. But since Meggie and Bill are “officially friends” now, it’s time for a little bonding:

Alas, in a tweet captured by Topsy before it was apparently deleted, Meggie took things too far, too fast.


Hmm. Why would she delete that?

Heh. Oh well. The magic is probably gone for Meggie anyway.