Cripes! A vagina is a body part, not a pitiful excuse that insulates a woman from any and all criticism. Or it was. Call it The Susan Rice Effect: Now any criticism of a woman up for a White House appointment is ZOMG sexist!!11!1!

Now that Obama is reportedly considering Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour for a sweet gig as U.S. ambassador to the U.K. or France, loyal Slate lapdog Matt Yglesias is wasting no time in attributing objections to hatred of women (and sexist “prejudice” against the fashion industry).

Yep, it’s raging misogyny to point out that when you scratch Obama’s back, he’ll scratch yours right back!


But there’s another case of back scratching that ought to disqualify Wintour for any diplomatic role.

Kerry Picket of The Washington Times provides a timely reminder of Vogue’s puff piece on Syrian first lady Asma al-Assad.

More from Picket:

The magazine ran the article as the Syrian government slaughtered its people and described (H/T The Atlantic) the Assad household as “wildy democratic.”

Vogue Senior editor Chris Knutsen explained away the Assad article to The Atlantic in February of 2011 saying, “For our readers it’s a way of opening a window into this world a little bit.”

Read the whole thing for ammo against the absurd (and demeaning) talking point that criticism of Wintour is sexist.


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