Evidently there isn’t too much oxygen making it into Pamela Anderson’s corner of the Hollyweird bubble. Romney supporters are cruel and rude? Guess it doesn’t count as “spitting mad” when Obama supporters call Romney supporter Stacey Dash “house negro” and wish for her death, huh?

And when Obama cultists threaten Mitt Romney’s life? No biggie. Nothing cruel and rude there.

Meanwhile, Anderson supports Obama because he has “the world’s respect and love.” No, really:

Vote for who you feel best represents our country world wide– Obama Has the world’s respect and love– Who do you feel most proud of?
Obama represents American people…as kind, smart- steady and reliable–
The other choice is greedy, out of touch, self centered—and unlikeable– the world is too small and relies on American – as role models– too much-
lets not go backwards-
(and -protect your sexual freedom!)
Be kind!
Vote for Obama– and get everyone you know to do the same– Today!