Um … what? The Romney campaign’s message is “revenge”?

Did Obama campaign manager Jim Messina wake up on the wrong side of the cuckoo’s nest?

Or is he just brushing up on his liberal trolling skills?

We all suspected there was something a little off about Messina after he tweeted an utterly disturbing photo flaunting his creepiness. Today he confirmed that there’s something very off about his relationship with reality.

Or perhaps he’s just a lying liar who lies like Stephanocchio Cutter.

Bingo. It was President Vengeance who brought his menacing Chicago-style message of hostility and revenge to the campaign trail. Mitt Romney’s closing argument was about something so horrifying to the Obama campaign that Messina can’t bear to repeat it:  love of country.

Up next?

Who knew there was actually a lower level of hackery for Messina to reach?

Still, the desperate flailing is kinda sweet to behold.

Indeed. It brings out his cold, dead eyes and pasty white skin.