Yes, it really is possible for Geraldo Rivera to sink to previously unimaginable and revoltingly deranged depths.

Evidently the Fox News anchor didn’t have any vaults to open this week, so he whipped himself into a frenzy over Benghazigate. Or rather, the GOP’s “bloodlust” over Benghazigate. Apparently it rivals Republicans’ “insincere” and “desperate” inquiry into the Obama administration’s deadly Operation Fast and Furious.

Four Americans were murdered, family members are sickened by the lies and the Obama administration repeatedly blamed an irrelevant filmmaker for the actions of terrorists.

Does Geraldo even watch his home network? CIA operatives were reportedly told to stand down during the Sept. 11 attack while former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty heroically risked their lives with no support. Americans are dead and the White House, State Department and Pentagon apparently did nothing to help them.

That’s just a “cruel myth,” says Geraldo, who would have you believe he has the answers none of us do about Obama’s “bump in the road.”

Not surprising from the morally bankrupt jackass who referred to Amb. Chris Stevens as “dead dude.” Anyone with an ounce of decency was disgusted by Geraldo’s sickening tweets.

Repulsive. We shudder to think how Geraldo might stoop even lower than this. But we fully expect he will.