Today is National Coming Out Day and the #NationalComingOutDay hashtag is trending. Predictably, the Left’s oh-so-tolerant gay-baiters are keepin’ it classy as ever.

If you’re a Republican, think of it as National Outing Day — whether you’re actually gay or not.

The despicable tolerance bullies have organized the outing brigade — ’cause, you know, “it gets better” — and are ready to drag Republicans from the closet by force. Even if it means putting them in there first. As always, they started off with Marcus Bachmann, husband of Rep. Michele Bachmann.

But Bachmann wasn’t the only target of their loving tolerance.

Hardy har har. Gay-baiting Republicans because you dislike their politics is just hilarious. And there’s nothing braver or more noble than using sexuality as a political weapon to discredit an opponent. Really helps your cause, guys!

Here’s what we won’t see much of on National Coming Out Day.